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The build-in freezer is filled with up to 25 Kilo of real potatoes made ​​fries, good for about 160 servings. The freezer keeps the fries deep-frozen at the right temperature.

Once an order is placed, a patented distributor transports the fries is to the scale. The weight of a portion can be set from 130 to 155 grams.

The fries are then dropped in a fryer filled with preheated fresh and healthy cold-pressed sunflower oil. They are deep fried at a high temperature to assure they absorb little oil.

The customer can now choose from three different sauces. A sound signal and a message on the display inform the customer that the sauce and change are dispensed. In the mean time the machine prepares an empty bowl.

Once the fries are cooked, the excess oil is removed by a patented centrifuge. As a result, the fries are crispy and enjoyable.

In less than two minutes after placing the order, the freshly fried chips fall into the waiting bowl. The door of the dispenser unlocks and the machine informs the client with an audio signal and a message on the display that the chips are ready to be taken out.


The maintenance of your machine is made very simple because good hygiene is very important. The smart design and the use of high quality materials ensure a simple, problem-free use of the machine. And if unexpected maintenance is needed, even if only for refilling, then up to four people will be informed by SMS and immediate action can be undertaken.

Multi lingual

Not only the used engineering breaks barriers, we can also provide the machine with an operating language of your choice. Your clients will be served in the language you prefer.

Your own brand fries machine

We can supply your machine with your company colors and advertising. We can use your own design, or our professional designers can help you to design your own brand vending machine. With this service, you can have a turn-key solution ready at the vending location in a very short time. And this service is not limited to the machine itself, also the bowls, the salt and the forks can carry your brand or advertising. It is a complete finished solution to support your convenience and good business.