Welcome at Beyondte Europe, the manufacturer of the world’s first fully automatic French Fries Vending Machine. Many companies and institutions have tried to develop such machine and all have failed, amongst them the Technical University Delft in The Netherlands. Our machine fries the potato chips in oil, just as you do at home, making them taste as you want French fries to taste.


Our objectives are the golden five:


1.        Use real French fries

2.        Short preparation time (less than two minutes)

3.        No smell

4.        No noise

5.        Able to prepare many portions without any human intervention


Our machine has a large storage compartment for over 150 portions of fries which keeps the fries at minus 18ºC to ensure unquestioned quality and freshness.  Each order, a portion of 140 grams is carefully weighted and transported to the fryer filled with180ºC hot oil. The whole order, from payment to delivery, takes less than two minutes, similar to manual frying. The machine is equipped with three filters: a carbon filter, a vet filter and a water filter. This triple filter assures that the surroundings around the machine always keeps a pleasant atmosphere with only an inviting smell of fresh fries the moment an order is being served.


Seven patents have been granted to the revolutionary Mr. Richard Jiang, the developer of this outstanding machine for the necessary inventions that make this fryer a success. Over a period of five years, he and his team of qualified engineers worked with dedication and determination to realize the envisioned result, which ultimately required an investment of one million US Dollar of private capital.


Thanks to these investments and smart high quality production, we are able to offer you this machine for an extremely attractive price, giving you the opportunity to earn back your initial investment in less than six months on any average vending location.


Our French fries vending machine is fully designed to give you huge return on investment, while at the same time cranking up the service level to your beloved customers. We invite you to work together with us and get the best deal for your situation. 




Mr. Richard Jiang


Please not hesitate to call or send an email to:


Beyondte Europe BV

Nieuwe Kanaal 7D (Food Valley)

6709 PA Wageningen

The Netherlands




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